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Put a Cork in it!

Cork board is a wonderfully versatile and adaptable material for the home that is easy to work with, inexpensive and sustainable and therefore environmentally and economically friendly.

Cork board is a hugely handy material when you are decorating the kids’ bedrooms. Children are fickle creatures, what they like one minute, they loathe the next. This can create real problems for parents. Though children should be allowed to express themselves, this can become very costly if they want to do so in a totally new way every six months. Rooms end up shrinking due to the sheer amount of re-applied layers of wallpaper. But with a cork board on hand, you kids can be allowed to go as wild as they wish whilst you remain calm as can be, safe in the knowledge that no long term damage is being inflicted on the room itself. When the inevitable happens, you will be prepared for the next upheaval.

Cork Boards can also be used as a handy “things to do” pin board, helping your children stay up to date with schoolwork and remember to do their chores, as a play matt for younger children or even cut into a fun shape, painted and hung with some pin hooks to create a personalised mobile.

While cork board has long been a fun addition to a child’s or teen’s bedroom, you might be surprised to learn that it also has much to offer elsewhere around the home. Using cork board helps to minimize the number of nail holes you have to put in your walls meaning you can try out a new scheme without feeling like you have committed to it. Try out a few style elements using a cork board, and if you don’t like them, simply remove them and there are your untouched walls, ready to start again. Covering your walls in cork board will also add hugely to their insulation value- helping your home remain snug over winter months and cool during summer.

Cork board can also be used to create fun details and decoration for your home. Cover a cork board with fabric and use it either as a nice little piece of wall art or as a decorative message board or photo displayer. You can choose a fabric that suits your interior design style, like floral prints for French Country style design or English Country style design, or muted taupe or beige solids for modern rooms.

Cut your cork board into smaller pieces and use them as picture frames – you can decorate the wooden edges with paint or stencils.

Cork can also protect your furniture when cut into coasters for cups or a padded base for table lamps, helping scratches to your favourite sideboard become a thing of the past.

Increasingly, cork board is being used by designers as a modern alternative to traditional flooring such as carpeting or wood. Though really effective and unusual, this is not something you should attempt to do yourself. A specialist will ensure a good lasting finish, so it is definitely worth the extra cost.

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