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Home Décor Practical Classic – Cabin Beds

Whether six or sixteen; boy or girl; the cabin or sleeper bed is a timeless and perfectly practical solution for effective organisation of your child’s room. The simple and versatile range of designs makes the cabin bed a great choice for the smallest or largest of spaces. Furthermore, there are appropriately designed beds for both smaller toddlers and older adolescents. From shelving units to slides, cabin beds are fun and inspirational. To make sure you choose the best in sleeper beds, this article takes you through the latest in multi-purpose beds for your children.

Top Choices for Tiny Toddlers

Alongside child sized wardrobes and car shaped beds there has been a huge surge in individual and exciting cabin bed designs for the toddler age group. Typically sat at around 1.4 meters high these compact installations are at a safe yet exciting height for your child. As an essential safety precaution these beds are secured with a safety barrier. Several designs also include themed canopies to not only inspire your child but also act as an extra safety element. Below the bed, however, is where the real fun begins. Sit with your child and surf the internet to view the huge range of under bed combinations to choose from. Consider a slide, tent, secret den or a pull out desk and shelving area for your child’s crafts. Alongside the basic wooden or metal structure it is also possible to buy cabin beds in pirate, princess, car racing or fairy themes to give your child’s bed that extra wow factor. By selecting these super special styles you are creating a design for your entire room from just one piece of furniture. Simply emulsion the walls in a coordinating shade and perhaps add a handful of fun stick on motifs. Shop around for coordinating bedspreads, curtains and lampshades and your room is complete!

Cool Beds for Crazy Kids

In conjunction with the smaller cabin beds designers have also developed a fantastic range of mid and high sleepers for older children. Dependant on the size of your child and related safety precautions it is possible to purchase a bed that. because of its versatile design. will last straight through to their teenage years. For example, why not choose a wooden high sleeper with desk and wardrobe features underneath. Whilst young personalise the piece with glittery and glamorous wardrobe handles, a rainbow bed canopy, fluffy fairy lights around the desk and a fun furry pink rug. These additions will make the space a fantastic girly den. For boys, add football door knobs, neatly wrap football scarves around the vertical pillars and hang framed football photos across the back of the desk area.

Alternative Choices for Adolescents

Just as the previous styles are ideally suited for their age range, the high sleeper offers a fantastic and perfectly designed bed area for teenagers. The cool and stylish metal choices give this age range a blank canvas in which to express their personality. For a typical gossip girl, choose a design with a sofa bed compartment for them to use for sleepovers with their friends. Purchase fun and flirty scatter cushions and install disco lights and a mirror ball for her to practice her disco moves. For a computer crazed lad opt for a bed with a well designed desk area for him to store all his technical equipment. Purchase a stylish desk lamp and the ultimate boys toy; a Lazy Boy chair.

From the most simple to the most imaginative the cabin or sleeper bed offers a perfect and changeable option for your child’s bedroom. With imagination and small accessories this one entity can stay with your child as they mature and their personality grows.

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