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A True Home!

Your home is an extension of you. It is a direct reflection of your tastes, your personality and to some extent your success. Everything that is in your home is there because you put it there and as such each item tells its own story about you. The colours around your home reflect the mood you where in the day you chose them. The toys and children’s paintings show you are a family person. The bulb that blew in the study three months ago shows you haven’t had time for studying. The white carpet in the lounge says you are not a pet lover or, you are an eternal (if somewhat deluded) optimist! You get the picture.

However with so many short term fads and home fashions around these days and the multitude of DIY programmes on our televisions, our true personalities can sometimes get a little lost along the way as we try to keep up with what we are told is best for our homes. This is fine if what you are trying to tell gets in your home is that you are actually a very bland and thoughtless person who know what his/her favourite colour is. But if you want to start projecting who you really are through your home then now is the time to start listening to YOURSELF when making DIY decisions.

First impressions count so let’s start with the front door. Do you want to set a calm tone as people enter? Then choose a natural green, lavender or off white. Do you want to create mystery or suspense about what lies inside? Then you won’t go far wrong with black. Too foreboding? Try purple. The point is, start as you mean to go on and don’t have a front door that tells lies, if you are fun and whacky then set the tone from the very start.

The same goes for the interior wall coverings. Choose colours that speak truthfully about who you are and how you want be at home. Do you relax at home or it is it a creative space? Do you work from home or is a place for meditation and reflection?

When it comes to furniture and decoration you really can tell a story. An eclectic mix of pieces and ornaments from countries you have visited or periods in design that you love or have lived in will all add up to space with character and warmth.

You should also let your hobbies and interests have a say in your décor. Quite often they can be a great source of inspiration. If you have a love of the outdoors, then include lots of scenic artwork in your home. Fill it with floral fabrics and wallpapers and use natural objects as ornaments- shells, rocks and driftwood all work well on a shelf or mantle.

A home that well represents who you are or even who you wish to be will not only make you feel more at home, it will also better serve your needs and you will find that you interact with the space in an instinctive way. Everything you need will be close to hand and no longer will you bump into the corner of shelves or cupboards, no longer will you trip on carpet edges as your home is now a part of you and everything is as it should be.

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