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Intimacy, relaxation, romance- the power of candles

Despite all of the innovative lighting methods manufactures have dreamed up over the last fifty years and all of the weird and wonderful lighting options available to us today, nothing beats the humble candle for intimacy, relaxation or romance. Maybe it is something primal and instinctive in us- fire has been part of man’s survival since the dawn of the species- but the flicker of a flame really does captivate and calm the soul. With canny manufactures realising this, candles are now big business in the interior design industry- there is literally a candle for every occasion and you can pick them up anywhere from the local garage to designer department stores.

Another popular candle shape is the tea light. These are smaller disc shaped candles. They are about two to three inches tall and about two inches in diameter. These candles were first used in churches as individuals offered up prayers. They have now found their way into our homes for decorative use. They also can be scented and come in many colours. Whilst less decorative, they are less likely to be knocked over, making them safer to use. Choosing your favourite aroma and lighting a group of tea lights over a hot bath is by far the best way to put tea candles to use.

The third and by far the most impressive type of candle commonly used in homes today is the pillar candle. Much larger and thicker than a normal candle, they come in various shapes and can be cylindrical, rectangular, or square. These candles range from three inches in diameter to a foot across, and can be three to twelve inches tall. These candles also can be decorated or inscribed with designs. Pillar candles are often used in weddings for the candle ceremony. These candles can also be elaborate works of art. Pillar candles can come in many colours and scents. Unsurprisingly they can be much pricier and should therefore be restricted in their use- a centrepiece on a mantle or formally set table being the best uses.

Remember to be safe when using candles. Keep them well away from free flowing fabrics such as curtains and always allow candle holders enough time to cool before handling them.

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