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Turn Your Home into an Enchanted Indian Palace

Whether it is the regal magnificence of the great Taj Mahal or the splendor of the beautifully decorated Hindu temples and shrines; Indian design is as unique and captivating as its people and history. Their designs incorporate traditional Eastern painting, use of vivid colours, images and patterns and a high focus on symmetry. This article will take you through some quick and effective ways to add some Indian spice in to your home.

The most economical and aesthetically powerful way to add some Indian style in to your interior design scheme is to use soft fabrics such as silks and chiffons in bright colours such as magenta, lime and turquoise. Combine these with gold and silver tassels and fringing to add some real royal glamour to your room. To keep the space bright and clean, use these bright materials only for cushions, bedding and window dressings and team with elegant ivory colour or wooden blinds. For a more minimalist and muted finish restrict your palette to whites and golds and layer different textures and patterned silks and chiffons for an equally luxurious but more subtle look.

Where traditionally within Western interior design principles pattern is provided by fabric or wall coverings, highly decorative Indian inspired furniture can also be used as a focal point of your design scheme. Their furniture is generally carved, gilded, mosaic or painted often featuring key figures within their culture such as elephants, tigers, peacocks or lotus flowers. If buying new furniture is not an option for you why not consider updating your existing table top with a mosaic pattern, adding beautiful ornate gold and silver door handles or swapping cupboard panels for lattice effect or carved wood.

To ensure a sense of cohesiveness and balance is maintained within your room and to continue your focus on Indian design; position your furniture and colours in symmetrical places across the room ideally with a central focal point such as a fireplace, statue or piece of wall art.

To complete your design scheme add extravagant and regal ornaments, frames, mirrors, accessories and light fittings. Use gold, silver, gems, crystals and mirrors to add to the luxurious and enchanting feel and bring together the various colour and textural elements within the room.

With regards to flooring, keep your choice subtle and natural by using materials such as wood floor boards, laminate or marble type tiles. If necessary, use decorative rugs and runners to decorate and soften the floor.

As final touches, why not consider adding beautiful floor cushions around a low coffee table, miniature paintings, warming candles or sensuous incense sticks to create an atmosphere perfect for the most regal of kings.

It is obviously up to you and your taste to what extent you use Indian design within your home interiors. The level of extravagance and intricacy and the high focus on botanical pattern means you can successfully use elements of Indian design within Victorian style houses in particular. This works noticeably well in bedrooms, living rooms, dining areas and outside patios when teamed with rustic lanterns and complementary plant life.

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