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Bonfire Parties- Remember Remember Success is in the Planning

Bonfire night is one of the most exciting dates on the yearly calendar for both adults and children alike. If you are having people around for a party and fireworks in the back garden, then a little forward planning will see to it that your evening really does go off with a bang.

Firstly, plan who to invite and get your kids into the mood early by having them create some Bonfire night themed invitation cards. Send invitations two to three weeks before the big day. Always over-invite, as some people will almost certainly have other plans already

Create your own Guy Fawkes doll and hang it in your porch or hallway as a greeter to guests. Use straw for authentic style stuffing or simply loosely crumple some old newspaper. Stuffing the paper into tights before you clothe it can really help keep the shape. Use children’s trousers and jackets in blacks and browns for clothing and if your tights happen to be striped then leave them on show by rolling up the trouser legs to create a period look. Be sure to affix a devious looking head with a brightly coloured mask and top it off with a tall, conical, 17th century style hat complete with front buckle.

Decide where you want to hold the main party area and clear anything away that you don’t want broken. Plan a menu for the evening. Why not have a buffet set up so that guests can help themselves to snacks whilst you set up the fire and fireworks? For real effect set up the buffet table and surrounding room in a style typical of the seventeenth century- this was the period in which Guy Fawkes lived. Ecclesiastical architecture was still the main influence on British interiors during this period, so include lots of dark wood accessories and furniture and hide modern walls with some Discount Fabric in a rich burgundy or crimson. IF your table is a little too modern, use similar fabric or some old net curtains as a table cloth and set the table with some silver cutlery and candle holders. Ornate or arched mirros will also really help emphasis the look as will old picture frames.

If you will be setting off fireworks in the back garden, you will also need to rearrange this area so that it is a completely safe space. Clear away anything that could cause somebody to trip and connect a hose pipe to your water supply so that it is ready to deal with any emergencies. Section off your garden into two parts with one section acting as a seating area for guests and another as the area to safely set off fireworks. Do this by turning all your garden furniture inwards to create a square.

On the night, ensure everybody is aware of the scheduled time that the fireworks will be set off so they can be ready. Ensure children put on safety goggles when you are letting off the fireworks and gloves if they are handling sparklers Take time and care lighting fireworks, oh and have fun!

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