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With christmas fast approaching it’s about time we started rustling up some amazing christmas gifts to give to family and friends we love and adore. What could be more enjoyable though than making your own personalised gifts rather than getting caught in the busy Christmas crowds?  If you’re feeling a little stumped for inspiration here we’ve put together our top 5 crafty handmade Christmas gift ideas from some great blogs to help get you started early.



Are there any tea lovers in your family? Whether they’re a fan of coffee, tea or hot chocolate what could be better than making a personalised crafty mug especially from you for them to treasure and enjoy. I really love this diy mug tutorial in particular as its super simple and easy to put together from materials such as acrylic paints, sponges and such you may already have to hand at home.



I think there’s nothing better when the cold winter months come by than a heart warming cup of hot chocolate to keep you toasty. I’ve seen these little hot chocolate spoons a lot lately and think they not only look extremely yummy but would make a great gift to accompany a handmade mug. You could use any type of chocolate you prefer from white, milk or dark and have fun with a range of toppings to make each cup of chocolate they make unique.

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Chunky winter knits are my absolute favourite winter accessory when it’s chilly outside, aside from your usual knit scarf and jumper why not knit your own little cup cosy keeping your tea warm a little longer. I really love the idea behind this cosy crafty piece as you can choose the colour of yarn and button embellishments to match the other handmade goodies that you put together.

Scrabble costers


Alongside monopoly scrabble has to be a great winter family game when it’s snowing outside, I remember when I was younger we used to spell out personal messages across the board as we played. You can do exactly the same with the help of this little tutorial over at “howtogal”, create your own scrabble tiled coasters and spell out a personal message for that special someone to give to them as a gift this Christmas.



Last but not least is a bit of a fabric project perfect for any stationary and paper goods lover you may know, here’s a little step by step DIY tutorial over at “lulalouise.com” based on how you can create your own fabric covered sketchbook or notebook. Not only is it a really quirky way of creating unique and one of a kind sketchbook gift but also helps you make use of those fabric scrap pieces that you may have laying around your craft room. With plenty of crafty and creative Christmas gift projects now to choose from some great blogs, which are you going to give a try to get prepped in the run up to Christmas 2013?




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