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Pam spends most of her time sewing and blogging about sewing, over at Threading My Way. She has been sewing since she was a young girl and loves to share the varied projects and tutorials she creates.

Learning to sew at school gave her a good grounding in the rules of sewing and garment construction. Those skills were further honed after leaving school, when she began to sew clothes for herself and later on for her young family.

After a break of many years, Pam is discovering sewing again, this time in a totally different environment. She has been introduced to the warm and welcoming world of the online sewing community, where sharing and creativity are encouraged. As well as sewing clothes in the conventional manner, she has begun to refashion pre-loved clothes, giving them new life as different garments. Pam especially enjoys making things for around the home. She recently discovered quilting and has quickly become addicted.

When not sewing, Pam can be found out in her garden.

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