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Hello all!  My name is Melissa Quaal, I blog over at a happy stitch.  I am a true lover of all things D-I-Y but my primary interest is in sewing…from quilting to hand-printing to clothes making.  I am a sewing instructorpattern seller, and mother to two wild, nature-loving boys.  I frequently share family art projects and musings on parenting (the good and the bad).

I started sewing as a little girl with a sewing machine my mother bolted to a table in our basement.  It was mostly an unsupervised, trial and error type of process but I did have the guidance of my mother and grandmothers who are all accomplished sewists.  I get my creative curiosity from my grandfather who was a furniture maker by trade who made just about everything by hand (including moonshine and fishing bobs).
One of my most favorite things to stitch are quilts for my boys.  Nothing beats tucking them in under something I made to keep them warm and safe.
I have a deep interest in how to grow creatively despite mistakes and trip-ups.  I am always trying to keep an ear and an eye out for how the messes we make can make us better.
I do hope you come visit me!
Melissa runs ‘A Happy Stitch’ blog and is a crafter through and through. She has been sewing since she was just twelve years old when her mother decided to get her a sewing machine to keep her occupied at home.
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