I am going to share with a fun way to use up trimmings and create a quick and beautiful cushion. Be sure to check out my tips and ideas at the end of the tutorial! I used some vintage trims and Dotty Curtain Fabric in Powder Blue.




18.5 x 18.5″ square of fabric for the front

18.5 x 12″ (two) pieces of fabric for backing

assortment of trimmings

cotton thread to match the colour of the trimmings

sewing machine

18″ cushion insert



This is such a simple design that you can choose to layout your trimmings or just grab and sew! I wanted some spaces so you could see the dotty fabric.

Lay all the pieces out on top of your square of fabric in your desired pattern:


Pin the trimmings to secure:


Sew them down on the machine, I used a straight stitch with a length of 2.5. You might need to sew them down along the top and bottom or just sew down at the top if they are thin:



Trim the edges in line with the cushion top.

To make the back of your cushion take one of your 18.5 x 12 pieces (right side facing down) and fold the long edge over by 1/4″. Press and then fold over again another 1/4″ and give it a good press:


Turn over and press the edge you just folded then topstitch along the folded edge:


Repeat with the other piece. Once you’ve finished both of the back pieces lay them on top of cushion front as pictured below:


Pin around all the edges:


Sew around all edges of the cushion with a 1/4″ seam. Make sure you strengthen the envelope flap by backstitching where the fabrics overlap:


When you are 1/4″ away from the corner keep your needle down and pivot the fabric and continue sewing down the next side:


Once you’ve sewn all the edges clip the corners being careful not to cut through your stitches:


To keep the edges neat use a zig zag stitch around the outside or use a serger if you have one:


Turn the cushion inside out, fill with an 18″ cushion insert and you’re done. A quick way to pretty up your home, it also makes a perfect housewarming or wedding present.



** Tips and ideas **

- If you have some fabric you don’t like or aren’t sure it will work for this cushion then try looking at the other side. Often the wrong side of the fabric is still pretty and would give a softer look.

- For trims you could use lace, cord, pom poms or ribbons. I often save pretty ribbons that come with packaging.

- Check out second hand shops or car boot sales for packs of interesting and vintage trims.

- You could use bright, colourful trims to make this a fun cushion for kids.


I would love to see your finished cushion, come and visit me at my blog www.charmaboutyou.com










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