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I started sewing nearly 7 years ago when my flat mate brought home her first sewing machine. She taught me the basics and in a matter of minutes I was completely and utterly hooked! Every weekend was spent heading to the local fabric shop to find pretty fabrics to take home and whip up into a skirt to wear out that night. After the wardrobe was adequately full of skits, I started tackling dresses, bags, purses, one peg bag (you only ever need one, right?) and every other pattern I could get my hands on.

Two sewing machines later, I’m now selling my sewn designs online at Not On The High Street, Etsy and also in Birds in Borrowed Feathers under my brand name, Adventures & Tea Parties. I also blog about all my crafty adventures, including my addiction to knitting and embroidery.

When I’m not sewing or crafting, I can usually be found exploring the great outdoors or spending whole weekends in the garden, planting seeds and watching things grow.

I’m delighted to be a part of Terry’s Fabrics blog, where I hope to bring some great and easy tutorials!

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