Jane Skoch

Jane Skoch
I love to find new uses for old materials. A sweatshirt becomes a tote, a coffee sack becomes an apron and T shirts become T Shirt Memory Quilts! Every quilt tells a story. It might be the story of a high school teen about to embark on college. It might be the story of a beloved father who passed away. Maybe it is the story about all the 5Ks you have completed. Whatever the story is, I strive to preserve it in a tangible way. I also preserve it in a practical way: my quilt blankets are meant to be used, washed, hugged, and loved!
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I fell in love with this Union Jack PVC fabric! The PVC fabrics from Terry's Fabrics have such a nice, heavy hand. I...
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I was invited by Terry's Fabrics to create a tutorial using some of their fantastic fabric!  I settled on some PVC fabric - a coated cotton...