Hi, Estelle here with a quick and easy way to add a bit of colourful interest to your walls. Tartan, (or Plaid), and Checks are very much in right now, so why not raid your ribbon stash and pair with some co-ordinating fabric and make your own take on the trend.

You will need:
Piece of fabric slightly larger than your canvas, (I used Panama in Bottle Green from Terry’s Fabrics)
Ribbon strips in 2 co-ordinating colours,
Staple gun and staples,
The How-To:
Cut your fabric an inch bigger than your canvas all the way aro
und. Iron fabric if required.
Start stapling your fabric to the back of your canvas

once you have done the top, work on the opposite side, pulling tautly as you go…
staple the remaining two sides, again pulling tautly.
Then fold over the corners neatly and staple.
Cut off any excess fabric.
You will then have a nice blank slate in which to create your pattern.
Staple your first piece of ribbon to the back of your canvas near one edge, pull around the front in a straight line and then staple again at the back…
Alternate your colours in batches of 3 across your canvas…

When you have 3 batches of 3 ribbons, turn the canvas and repeat, so that the ribbons now cross over the already stapled ribbons…

Staple 3 batches of 3 again and then you are done!
Then just find the perfect spot to hang it and sit back and admire!
Hope you enjoyed that easy peasy wall update and I will be back again soon with some more crafty ideas for you.
~ Estelle x
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