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Outdoor Living
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Outdoor Living

So, summer is the time to be outside. Some of us take the opportunity that the better weather affords us, to enjoy the thrill of active outdoor pursuits, summer water sports and hill walking.

Many of us are happy to potter round the garden, wander sedately around garden centres, or meander slowly through the enviable gardens of stately homes.

Some of us, on the other hand, would just like to be able to make the most of what good weather we do have, by taking a good book outside to sit in the chilled surroundings of our own little corner of paradise – the back garden! And, the socialites amongst us who enjoy entertaining and having friends round, usually endeavour to do that entertaining outside at this time of year.

I can just picture it now, the girls sitting chatting enjoying a glass of wine or a cocktail or two, the kids playing... ‘let’s get as wet as possible’.... with the garden water feature and the boys in charge of the barbeque! I don’t know what it is with men, I think it must be an ‘alpha primate, in-bred thing’ from the days of the cave man, but they seem to have an infinite fascination with fire!

So (assuming that we won’t need to cater for extra seating for the fire brigade!), you will need an outdoor space to entertain or ‘chill-ax’ in. It's time to get outside and enjoy what good weather we do have by creating your own outdoor living space. An ‘outside room’ if you like. 

Outdoor Living
Outdoor Living Outdoor Living
Outdoor Living

You’ll need to give some thought to sitting and eating space and to some shade for you or your frazzled guests (that’s assuming we have sun of course!).

Expanding your living space outdoors and creating an area to entertain or relax in doesn’t necessarily mean a costly home renovation or addition though.

In many cases, you don't have to do much at all. At a minimum, you can sweep off the patio, or scatter some fresh gravel on that scruffy, unused patch of the garden and move a comfortable chair outside.

Follow our tips for getting it right and you may even feel like you have moved away from home for the summer.

Comfortable furniture outdoors is a must if you want to spend any length of time in it, but doesn’t have to be as expensive as you might think. Two lounging chairs and a table with four chairs for eating, is all you need to really make your outdoor space work for you. Add to it some cheerful fabric cushions for comfort and matching table accessories and you’re sorted for summer living outdoors.

Outdoor Living
Outdoor Living

Transform your outside home for less at Terry's

This brief guide aims to get you thinking about how to go about it, sourcing what you need and adding the finishing touches.

Read through the guide, take a look at some of the designer lifestyle images to give you ideas and inspiration and then take a look at the suggested ranges of fabrics and cushions I have selected to help you create the designer look for less at Terry’s... ’transform your outside home for less.’

Outdoor Living
Outdoor Living
What's your style? Read More
Fabrics - What's your style?   Fabrics - What's your style?
Fabrics - What's your style?Above images are a style suggestion only.
  Get the look for less Read More  

Fabrics to help you get the look – bright, cheerful and colourful stripes

What will work for you? Read More
Furniture - What will work for you?   Furniture - What will work for you?
Furniture - What will work for you?Above images are a style suggestion only.
  Get the look for less Read More  

Fabrics to help you get the look – whites, creams or pale greens

Finishing Touches
Create a summer fete look to your garden... Spacer

Spacer...with some home-made, colourful or monochrome bunting. All you need is small quantities of various co-ordinating or contrasting fabrics cut into ‘V’ shapes and stitched to a matching ribbon or tape. Have a look at our roll-ends section to see if you can pick up a bargain or two.

Flowers and plants are a must to enhance your outdoor space as they add vital summer colour and fragrance. You don’t need to re-create Kew gardens though. If your time and budget are limited there’s no way you’ll fill your garden with fragrant flowers and foliage.

Limit the plants to patio pots and planters which can be put anywhere and place near and around your outdoor space in groups, or as borders. Choose dramatic, coloured flowers and plants alongside sculptural leaves and common kitchen herbs for added texture and fragrance.

Mix interesting containers in groups such as squat, classic terracotta pots with tall, aluminium or stainless steel planters and urns for a wonderful juxtaposition of colour and texture. PVC and plastic pots are very inexpensive (not to mention much lighter) and can be spray painted, ragged or sponged to create any number of finishes.

If you’ve got lots of pots already, consider scrubbing them thoroughly and painting as suggested above instead of replacing them.

Finishing TouchesSpacerFinishing Touches
Hot Summer Nights
Everything looks different outside after dark... Spacer

Spacer...so it’s nice to enjoy your outdoor living space in the evening as well as in the day. We have precious few evenings when it is warm and humid enough to sit out without any additional source of heat in this country.

Chilly evenings don’t compel us to stay outdoors, so, having taken the time and effort to create your new space, ensure that the comfort level extends to the evenings and invest in a patio heater, chimnea or fire pit to keep you and your guests warm. Gas fuelled patio heaters are convenient and clean and the heat is instant at the touch of a button.

Fire pits and chimneas, however, are more aesthetic and natural. Flames flickering and logs crackling, not only provide an ambient light source and add to the experience of sitting outdoors in the still night air, but can be a lot cheaper to run as well (plus, the men will have something else to burn!).

Hot Summer Nights
Create the perfect ambience Spacer

SpacerConsider outdoor lighting for the evening. It needs to be bright enough to be practically safe but at the same time dim enough to create mood and atmosphere.

Create the ambience of being abroad by using wicker garden torches and lanterns or brightly coloured candles or tea-lights in coloured glass jars dotted around the garden. Invest in a few sets of white outdoor fairy lights and place in carefully selected trees, wind round an obelisque or in the apex of a gazebo or pergola creating a warm glow to sit beneath. Some new umbrellas are enhanced with solar powered lights strung up the inside on the spine.

If you can’t afford a new parasol umbrella, then invest in a set of outdoor fairy lights and wind round the stem and arms of the umbrella. This gives a lovely twinkly glow in the evening as well as some practical light.

These are all inexpensive ways of creating interesting lighting effects without any major re-wiring or invasive cable laying and can all be easily removed or brought indoors again during the winter months.


Twi-Light Twi-Light Twi-Light

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