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On Trend - Summer Living

SpacerThe Summer Season is upon us and whilst our summers are notoriously transient and not always abundant with the enviable sunshine of our European neighbours...

"We'll help you make the most of every moment of this warmer season"

...the days are longer and the air is warmer. We all look forward to throwing open our windows, inviting the outdoors in and getting outside.

On Trend - Summer Living Ideas to
get you
Indoor Living

Naturally, this is a time of year when many of us go on our holidays in search of warmer climates. Some are fortunate enough to have holiday homes to retreat to and some people move permanently to another part of the world in pursuit of a more sedate lifestyle with weather guaranteed.

Be it abroad, or in this country, holidays are a great time to get outdoors, enjoy hiking, do some outdoor cooking, lie around, indoors or out, reading a good book, or just find the time to do the things that we enjoy but are normally too busy to do.

Holidays are usually a wonderful time, packed with good times and good memories, but usually too short lived.

Not everyone has the luxury of going abroad or moving to the lakes or mountains to extend their enjoyment of the lazy days of summer. Our summer feature is therefore two-fold.

In it we cover indoor and outdoor living, demonstrating to you that you don't have to reserve the good times and activities for those short lived holidays and you don’t have to move to the lakes or mountains to enjoy relaxing surroundings.

We’ll help you make the most of every moment of this warmer season, with wonderful products and suggestions on how to bring the look of summer to the home you have – indoors and out.

On Trend - Summer Living

SpacerOne of the wonderful things about good summer weather
is that it lets you expand your living space...

...without a costly home renovation or addition.

It's time to get outside and enjoy what good weather we do have by creating your own outdoor living space. In many cases, you don't have to do much at all really.

At a minimum, you can sweep off the patio and move a comfortable chair outside. Or, you may want to create an ‘outside room’ with comfortable outdoor furniture. This is a must if you want to spend any length of time in it, but doesn’t have to be as expensive as you might think.

Outdoor Living

Two lounging chairs and a table with four chairs for eating, is all you need to really make your outdoor space work for you. Add to it some cheerful fabric cushions for comfort and matching table accessories and you’re sorted for summer – outdoors!


And if the weather of our unpredictable summers means we can’t go outside, then brighten up your home by bringing the fresh look of summer inside...

...with some quick and easy additions (or removals) of colour, style, fabric and accessories. As I’ve said, not everyone has the luxury of moving to the lakes or mountains to enjoy the longer days of summer, but most everyone can bring the look of summer into their homes.

It's not necessary to change every room or to start throwing out major pieces of furniture, as there are lots of ways to lighten and freshen up your home for a seasonal change.

Bring Summer Indoors

To start with, just change the room that you spend the most time in during the summer. Try some of our simple, easy suggestions on how to get... ‘summer-izing’... your home and if you get it right, you may even feel that you have actually moved away from home for the summer – even though you’re still - indoors!


SpacerIn addition to all the indoor and outdoor tips, one of the most important considerations for the summer season is colour.

It’s the time of year when natural daylight is at its best and brightest. Colour benefits from natural light as ‘true’ colours are achieved. It is impossible to imagine summer without bright colours – like orange, red and yellow, or without cool colours like blue and white, but this season they won’t be the only hits.

The variety of colour trends isn’t too wide but it includes every lovely hue you would like to wear. Caramel hues which include lilac, coral, cream, peach and banana will be as hot as scorching red, vivid yellow and orange. Aquamarine and nude are included in the colour palette and classic black and elegant white are necessary additions to the colour scheme. The hottest of the vibrant colours is Tangerine and the coolest of the cool this year is Mint green. Medleys of mixed metallics are featuring as important highlights this summer as well. See our dedicated Summer Colour Guide for inspiration and for what’s right for you.

Summer Colours

So......... what are you waiting for?

The season is short, read on to make the most of it and get inspired for summer living. Happy Holidays and I hope you have a bright and cheerful summer.

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